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Weights - INGOTS BLOCKS - for Weight Dog Collar - The Bully House

$8.99 $18.99


Product Details

(now in BLACK STEEL)
For our weighted Dog Collars
Our Weight Collar Ingots blocks are specifically designed to fit our collar,  
Available in 230g 
Its a controlled way to add weight to your collar.
Introduce gradually to your dog's training regime.
Once your dog is accustomed to the collar,
Start with two ingots and slowly working up to your desired weight.



Made from steel alloy, we do not use lead in our ingots. 

With Lead being a cheaper option, we don't use lead products on our animals.


Listing is for 1 Block INGOT

Choose amount required  


  • (please note) Do not use a fully weight loaded collar to start.

  • One ingot weight (230 grams) should be introduced over a period of time so the correct strength and conditioning is able to support the next added weight ingot of 230 grams.


    • Your dog will develop muscle and strength and look Amazing


    • Misuse can affect joint settlement and health.
    • To only be used only with healthy adults dogs.
    • Dogs must always be fully supervised when wearing weighted collar.
    • Weight ingots must be introduced gradually over time and must not be used excessively for long periods of time (more than 1 hour) 


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