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Weight Dog Collar - The Bully House

$45.99 $89.99


Product Details

THE BULLY HOUSE Weighted Dog Collar
This is Our newest design.
(collar is without weights)
Weights are available separately 


  • Looking for muscle development?


  • This is the Item you are looking for, because with the appropriate training, nutrition and discipline your pet will have amazing results. 

This dog collar is especially designed for comfortable neck wear, with secure snap attachments to hold weight ingots in place.

  • Great for canine fitness, muscle building and growth
  • Assists in neck strength development and muscle Building
  • Excellent aide for excess energy release and stress relief
  • Strong double-ply webbing

    • (please note) Do not use a fully weight loaded collar to start.

    • One ingot weight (230 grams) should be introduced over a period of time so the correct strength and conditioning is able to support the next added weight ingot of 230 grams.

      Does your dog suffer from Bad Behaviour?
    • This weight collar can help if you have a high energy dog! Because you can exercise your pet and control bad behaviour caused by accumulated energy, resulting on a healthy, happy pet.

    • Working Dog, Dog Walking, Dog Training, Keep your Dog amused and in Great Shape by draining accumulated energy.


    • Your dog will develop muscle and strength and look Amazing


    • WALKING, you can comfortably walk the dog and the same time add a challenge  
    • Suitable for  Medium / Large to / XL Breeds
    • Note: Weighted collars should NOT be used on young dogs under the age of 1.5 years, on old dogs, dogs with joint issues.
    • Misuse can affect joint settlement and health.
    • To only be used only with healthy adults dogs.
    • Dogs must always be fully supervised when wearing weighted collar.
    • Weight ingots must be introduced gradually over time and must not be used excessively for long periods of time (more than 1 hour) 


    Collars are 4cm wide

    • Neck: 
    • M - 40cm - 50cm.  5 pockets
    • L - 45cm - 55cm.  6 pockets
    • XL - 50cm -60cm.  7 pockets
    • 2XL - 56cm - 66cm.  8 pockets
    • 3XL - 61cm - 71cm.  9 pockets
    • 4XL - 66cm - 76cm.  10 pockets

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