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$99.99 $199.99

Weight P/Harness

Product Details


  • Working Dog, Dog Pulling Harness, Dog Walking, Dog Training, Keep your Dog amused and in Great Shape by draining accumulated energy.


  •   Get connected and provide hours of fun with your friend because harness design allows to hook up a simple pet leash or chain to weight equipment or improvise with tyres etc. (always start light)


  • Other products are too close to the rear legs of the dog resulting on poor pulling, Our design has extra length.
  • Our design also has a spreader bar at the rear. Which allows dogs rear legs to spread when pulling.


  • Looking for muscle development?
  • This is the Item you are looking for, because with the appropriate training, nutrition and discipline your pet will have amazing results. 
  • Bad Behavior?
  • This harness can help if you have a high energy dog! Because you can exercise your pet and control bad behaviour caused by accumulated energy, resulting on a healthy, happy pet.


  • Features:

  • Great for weight pulling, includes spreader bar that allows your pet to pull Properly and comfortably. 
  • providing excellent grip and traction.
  • Your dog will develop muscle and strength. 


  • this harness allows you to train your dog in a safe way,
  • WALKING, you can comfortably walk the dog and the same time add a challenge to your dog by hook up the harness to some weight.


  • Suitable for / Big Medium / Large to / XL Breeds


  • Neck:  (min 50cm- max 75cm)
  • Harness slides over the head and sits on shoulders and chest,

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