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Krispy Kreme Inspired Doggie Doughnuts 6pk Box

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Product Details

-Krispy Kreme Inspired Doggie Doughnuts 6pk Box
    -The Inspired Flavours are as follows

    -Nutty Carob-tella ,
    -Strawberry Sprinkles,
    -Choc Sprinkles,
    -Choc Dreamcake,
    -Strawberries and Cream
    -and Biscoff Inspired.

    These Krispy Kreme Inspired Doggie Doughnuts have been designed specifically for your dogs with our all natural nutty based doggie doughnut shaped biscuit, that is low in fat and contains no added salt, sugar or preservatives. 

    This 6 pack of Doggie Doughtnuts have been inspired by the United Kingdom's favourite Krispy Kreme flavours for humans with each biscuit coated in our low fat carob and yoghurt no melt frosted and all our completely hand decorated. 

    They have a hard baked cookie base and hard frosting all designed specifically for dogs jaws and chewing habits and to provide dental cleaning, and chew time enrichment benefits. 

    With our no melt frosting they are designed not to melt or smudge on furniture or carpet, which is always a benefit as my dogs always run straight for the carpet!

    Create a "matchy matchy" moment with your dog grab a box from a Krispy Kreme Outlet near you and make sure you take lots of photos and please share them to make us all smile.. 

    Ingredients - Composition: Whole Wheat Flour, Peanut Butter, Canola Oil (Rapeseed Oil), Apple Cider Vinegar, Skimmed Milk Powder, Maltodextrin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Tapioca Starch, Potato Starch, Dried Ground Carob, Peanuts, Guar Gum, Calcium Carbonate, Sugar, Wheat Starch, Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Fat, Lecithin, Natural Colour Additives = beet powder, turmeric, beta-carotene, spirulina extract

    Crude Protein = 12.0% Crude Fat = 10.0% Salt = <1%

    Please note that all of our choc looking dog cookies are actually made for dogs with carob only not chocolate, please don't feed chocolate to your dogs.

    Will stay fresh in packaging for up to 18 months.



    Made in Australia, contains no preservatives or additives. 

    (be extremely careful of imported treats)